Jeff's unique approach helps explain the three major sensory perceptions that effect learning the golf swing Visual cortex, Inner ear and Muscle Spindles also known as Proprioception. Why a person that learns Mind Juggling a part of Hawkeen Training can finally take the swing from the practice range to the course. 

He will explain the 3 optical illusions that a golf swing creates that are not present in ping-pong, tennis, hockey or baseball and how he applied this technique to the great Ozzie Smith, baseball Hall of Famer and 14 Time Gold Glove winner.

Jeff working with Keith Fergus 8-Time PGA Tour winner at the Palm Springs CC

Jeff & Ozzy

  • Started Pro Golf Academy & Technologies in 1995 and Since 2004 started working on LPGA & PGA Tours as Director of Operations and
  •  R & D for Scandium Shafts and a   instructor. In 2014 Jeff became the Tour  Rep. for Sratch Golf. In 2016 Jeff  became the CEO of E21 Golf Shafts LLC.  He has worked with thousands of  beginners, amateurs and pros. 

Pro Golf Fairways

28 years as a Instructor/Master Club Builder and fitter, 30 years as a Specialist in Kinesiology, Applied Biomechanics, Human Growth & Development.

Pro Golf Academy Utilizes high-speed video/audio of the whole lesson on a DVD or WIFI downloaded to your phone, computer or IPad building a history for analysis and improvement to take home with you. We also use launch monitor technology for critical club and ball info, all this helps create a choke-proof swing. I use this same technology as a Custom Club Fitter & Builder and PGA/LPGA instructor on Tour.



  • Learn to pitch by moving the grip into 4 different positions and use the shoulders to compress the ball for unbelievable spin for that check stop on the green like the pros. 
  • Learn a chip that is as easy as a putt for choke-proof result with no more chunks or thin shots across the green.
  • Learn the 4 steps to hit out of different sand conditions of both fairway and green side bunkers so you will not be intimidated again.

Lesson Packages & Cost Different rates for PGA/LPGA players.

1 Hour Swing Analysis or Short game lesson:


3 Hours / Swing Analysis plus 2 lessons:


3 Month Unlimited program. A lesson every 5-7 days.  12-18 lessons*

$459.00 *whichever comes first

6 Month Unlimited program. A lesson every 5-7 days. 24-36 lessons*

$779.00 *whichever comes first

He will also explain the two different types of swings:

The Ball Striker                     The Swing Releaser

Arnold Palmer                           Tom Watson

Lee Trevino                               Jack Nicklaus

Matt Kuchar                               Phil Mickelson 

Bubba Watson                           Fred Couples

These two swings are both great ways for hitting a golf ball, but

they are completly different and cannot be mixed together. The

comparison is like a Discus thrower to a Javelin thrower. Jeff

will find the right swing type for your body so you can immediately improve.